BloodBorne Pathogens in the Workplace covers common blood borne diseases and safe work practices to avoid accidental exposures to any potentially infectious material. You’ll learn how to safely handle an exposure is one should accidentally occur. We review your rights and requirements as an employee or an employer. Bloodborne Pathogens certifications valid for 1 year. This course meets the requirements for OSHA, The Dept. of Health, and The Dept. of Labor & Industries.

Scheduling: If you are taking a CPR class, just schedule this class for the same day and time as your CPR classroom training appointment so you only need to make one trip. If BloodBorne Pathogens certification class is all you need, we can take get you in and out in just 15 minutes.

Who should take this hybrid BloodBorne Pathogens certification class? Every employee with a risk of occupational exposure. Healthcare professionals, CNAs, childcare providers, construction, manufacturing, maritime etc.

  • Online Training Time: Learn at your own pace, Typically takes 30-45 minutes.
  • Classroom Time: 30 Minutes or Less!
  • Cost: $45